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Prokhorov: Meeting With 'Melo Was "Fantastic", Lots of "Real Man Talk"

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Darren Rovell, CNBC
Darren Rovell, CNBC

In an exclusive interview with CNBC's Darren Rovell, Mikhail Prokhorov said he fully enjoyed his meeting with Carmelo Anthony Saturday but wouldn't comment on whether he thought the Nugget All-Star will agree to a trade to the Nets.

"It was a fantastic meeting, trust me," Prokhorov said, smiling. "No words, live music, excellent atmosphere. We looked into each other's eyes. Just real man talk."

It was the first time Prokhorov has spoken to the U.S. media since the January 19 press conference where he famously instructed Billy King to "walk away" from trade negotiations with the Nuggets, saying it had gone on too long and cost the team games. Prokhorov told Rovell he still thinks it was the right decision. He also said he had no intention to meet with Anthony in Los Angeles but that Billy King had asked him to join the discussion.

And even if the Nets don't win Prokhorov in the final stages of the 'Melo-Drama, Prokhorov said it was a good move because the negotiations forced the Knicks to give up more than they wanted. "I think we made a very good tactical decision to force (the) Knicks to pay as much as they can," Prokhorov said. "So it's very good, it's very interesting, it's very competitive."

After Rovell's interview, both Sam Amick of FanHouse and Marc Berman of the Post spoke with Prokhorov, Amick in the elevator at Staples Center, Berman outside his limo. The Nets owner dispensed some wisdom to both, telling, Amick, "I know what I need. I know my goal" and Berman, "I have a great feeling all the time, every minute of my life.''