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Kerber: Nets Still In It To Win It... Hahn: Knicks Have Made Final Offer

Fred Kerber blogs Sunday that no one should bury the Nets in the continuing 'Melo-Drama, that "several league sources indicated that New Jersey remains a player in the services for Denver’s star forward."

"Don’t bury them yet," one source quoted by Kerber said when asked about the Nets chances to trade for Carmelo Anthony. Another suggested there might not be anything significant now "but that it could change".

Meanwhile, Alan Hahn reports that the Knicks have told the Nuggets their current offer for Anthony is the final one. "We're not going any further now," Hahn's source said. "It's out of our hands."

The Nets brass has been notably quiet on the subject since yesterday afternoon's dinner with Anthony.  Other writers have said the Nets left the dinner at a Los Angeles restaurant not feeling confident about the outcome.