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Has 'Melo Ever Said No to Nets?

Buried in their columns on the 'Melo-Drama, Peter Vecsey and Howard Beck write there's no evidence Carmelo Anthony ever told the Nets he won't play for them...despite various anonymous reports he doesn't want to. And no one is yet suggesting 'Melo told Mikhail Prokorov that Saturday night. He remained non-committal.

Vecsey writes in the Post, "It’s worthy of note, Anthony never has publicly said he wanted no part of the Nets long-term or privately told any such thing to the Nuggets, who were positive he would agree to the pact with New Jersey once the deal was done."

A little less definitively, Beck writes in the Times: "Anthony has, in fact, informed close associates that he will not sign an extension with the Nets, according to a person aware of his preference. But he has not, apparently, conveyed that sentiment to the Nets, who have spent months formulating trade offers."

The Nets have long believed they have a chance to sign 'Melo, much, but not all, of it based on his stated desire to choose money, lots of it, over playing for a favored team.