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Mid Season Report Cards? Really?

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It would seem an odd time to be doing mid-season report cards, considering nearly half the current players could be somewhere else by Thursday afternoon.  Not to mention that the All-Star Break is actually the two-thirds, not halfway, point in the 82-game season.  Still Mike Mazzeo and Colin Stephenson give it a try.

Mazzeo goes the traditional route, giving letter grades to everyone from Mikhail Prokhorov (B) to Ben Uzoh (Incomplete). His highest grade goes to Kris Humphries (A-), his lowest to Troy Murphy (F).  Murphy's grade also hurt Billy King (C+) but that could change this week.

Stephenson goes another route, choosing the best and worst, a stud (Sasha Vujacic) and a dud (Travis Outlaw) and best and worst moments.  The worst: the predominantly Knick crowd booing Brook Lopez and Devin Harris as they tried to hit foul shots earlier this month.  Have to agree there.