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King: "2012 Is Going To Be a Great Time for the Brooklyn Nets"

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The Nets haven't said what the team will be called when they move to Brooklyn, but Billy King recently referred to the team as the "Brooklyn Nets" in a team-endorsed video aimed at Asian investors.

"2012 is going to be a great time for the Brooklyn Nets," said King in what appeared to be scripted remarks. "There's going to be a lot of excitement, fan excitement. The NBA, NBA fans are really looking forward to us playing our first game there."

In the video, King and Leo Ehrline, the Nets Executive V.P. and Chief Administrative & Relationship Officer, also spoke about bringing the "best ideas", the "greatest technology" into the arena.  Ehrline added it "will be the finest facility in the world."

The video was unearthed by arena critic Norman Oder. Oder has reported extensively on Bruce Ratner's effort to get Asian investors to pour nearly a quarter billion dollars into the project in return for green cards.   The Wall Street Journal reported the effort has been successful. The proceeds will be used to retire old land debt and finance infrastructure. The arena is fully funded.