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Highlighting Barclays Center Progress Top Priority For Nets

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Tom Kaminski/WCBS Chopper 880 via New Jersey Nets
Tom Kaminski/WCBS Chopper 880 via New Jersey Nets

First, there was last week's Times report on how the Barclays Center was on time.  There was also the photo display outside the Nuggets locker room on Monday as well as an invitation to WCBS' Chopper 880 to take a spin --and take some pictures-- over the construction at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues in downtown Brooklyn. 

"And there's more to come," says a Nets marketing official. "We're focused on continuing to drive home the message that progress is being made".

Making sure the media, fans and NBA players know the arena is on its way has become the top priority for the team's image makers.  Some of it is in reaction to Jason Kidd's comments (followed by Carmelo Anthony admission of ignorance about progress), but a bigger piece may have to do with the team's plans to start marketing season tickets at the Brooklyn arena in a few weeks.