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In Final Outline, Murphy Status Open Nets Interested in Rasual Butler?

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The Nets tentative agreement with the Nuggets still has a few loose ends, just as the Knicks deal does.

Specifically, what happens to Troy Murphy.  Although it's been reported that Murphy would go to the Cavaliers via Denver along with a pick (or two), reporters in Cleveland report it's not quite done.

There is a question of which pick the Cavaliers would receive.  "The first-rounder is either Golden State's selection in 2012, which is protected, or the Los Angeles Lakers' pick in 2011. The Lakers' pick is likely going to be at the bottom of the first round and not desirable," writes long time Cav beat writer Bob Finnan. "That's why the Cavs want either the Nets or Nuggets to sweeten the pot." Specifically, they'd like the Warriors 2012 pick, protected 1-7.

Meanwhile, in Golden State, GM Larry Riley denied the Warriors are trying to acquire Murphy. He did say the Warriors are talking to the Nets "among a number of other teams, on deals that would exchange the Warriors' expiring contracts for a player of substance inside or for future draft picks." Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle noted that Golden State is trying to move Dan Gadzuric, Vladimir Radmanovic and Brandan Wright.

Also, in his roundup of non-Melo trade news, Marc J. Spears writes the Nets are one of several teams interested in the Clippers' Rasual Butler.