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After 'Melo Meets With Dolan, Knicks Hold Conference Call With Nuggets

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Frank Isola reports that Knicks owner James Dolan met with Carmelo Anthony Thursday night in Los Angeles, then encouraged by what he heard followed up with a conference call between Knick and Nugget officials Friday. Ken Berger later reported that officials discussed possible trade scenarios that would bring 'Melo to New York.

Both called the sequence of events the first step in Anthony being traded to the Knicks.  Berger reports Nuggets have given indications they want resolution by Sunday.

The original hold up was the Knicks' reluctance to include Danilo Gallinari in the trade, writes Isola, but late reports indicate the Knicks have relented. Overall, the Nuggets would get three starters: Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Raymond Felton, plus a first round pick and Eddy Curry's expiring contract.  Chauncey Billups would join 'Melo in New York.

Meanwhile, Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that New Jersey "insists it has no meeting scheduled with Carmelo  Anthony".  MIkhail Prokhorov, who taunted Dolan every chance he got last summer, remains in Moscow.  He is expected to fly to LA on Saturday.