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Nets a "Yes Away" From 'Melo, But Knicks Still in Game

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As new details continue to emerge from the Nets pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, it appears Mikhail Prokhorov is a "yes away" from acquiring the Nuggets' superstar, writes Fred Kerber.  According to Kerber, the framework between the Nets and Denver has been agreed to and Prokhorov will meet 'Melo "sooner rather than later".

Prokhorov has rented a private suite at Staples Center for the weekend, and a meeting could come as early as Friday or Saturday. Jay-Z is also expected to attend the session. However, Prokhorov won't be the only owner meeting with 'Melo this weekend. Frank Isola reports that Knick owner James Dolan is also scheduled to sit down with Anthony in a scene reminiscent of LeBron James meetings with team reps last July in Akron.

As various writers reported Thursday, the Nets would send Devin Harris, Troy Murphy, Derrick Favors, Ben Uzoh, their own pick in 2011 and three protected picks acquired in trades to Denver for Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Renald Balkman and Melvin Ely.  Cleveland would then package Murphy and at least one of those picks in a separate deal with the Cavaliers.  It's uncertain who the Cavs would send west.

In an interview with ESPN on Wednesday night, Anthony seemingly dismissed rumors that he prefers the Knicks and added, "wherever God lands me, that's where I will be at."  Meanwhile, Peter Vecsey reports that the Knicks many not have even known the Nets and Nuggets were back talking until two days ago.

Should the Denver deal fall apart, the Nets would likely move to a back-up plan, reports Al Iannazzone.  In that deal, Harris, Anthony Morrow and Travis Outlaw would move to Portland and Andre Miller, Rudy Fernandez and Joel Pryzbilla would join the Nets.