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Analysis: Let's Go Nets!

That's about all we can hope for...that the front office will do what's right on the Carmelo Anthony trade front, whatever that is, with whomever, and whenever.

As conflicting and incomplete reports swirl around the internet, there's little out there that's hard fact...or at least facts that can be confirmed.  Indeed, a number of fans have told us they think the Nets have been lying over the past two or three weeks.  We think "lying" is an ugly word.  We prefer "not being particularly forthcoming" or perhaps "Isiah-like."

In any event, here's an attempt to put things in perspective through an FAQ.  Expect it to change at any time.

Q. How long have the two teams been talking?

A. More than a week, and probably two weeks, meaning that they began talking about 10 days to two weeks after Mikhail Prokhorov's press conference directing management to "walk away",  a decision he said, with steely gaze, as "final".

Q. Who initiated the trade talks?

A. Denver...all Denver, according to virtually everyone.

Q. Who leaked it?

A. Not sure, but told the Nets are not pleased the information got out...which makes sense.

Q. Are the talks serious?

A. Sources closer to the Nuggets and 'Melo call them "exploratory" but other sources told Adrian Wojnarowski they are "progressing".  Those are not mutually exclusive statements.

Q. Are the Nets optimistic that this will produce results other boomlets in September, December and January didn't?

A. Not really...and that may explain why the Nets are also talking simultaneously to the Trail Blazers.  The Nets are very confident they will get something, and probably something big, done in the next week.

Q. Are the Blazer talks serious?

A. If Al Iannazzone says they're serious, we have to believe they are.

Q. Isn't this a way for the Nuggets and Team 'Melo to get what they want from the Knicks?

A. Probably, but with a week to go, the Nets feel they have to do "due diligence". One thing we know from this six month long ordeal is that anything can happen...and probably will.

Q. Will Mikhail Prokhorov meet with 'Melo at the All-Star Break in Los Angeles?

A. Well, they both will be there, 'Melo likely Friday, Prokhorov likely Saturday.  Remember, Prokhorov didn't want to be a position where he had to beg 'Melo to join the Nets.  That hasn't changed.

Q. Will Billy King be in Los Angeles as well?

He has said he will. He has meetings of the NBA competition committee and said he plans to root for Derrick Favors at the Rookie Challenge (assuming Favors is still a Net then).

Q. Would 'Melo sign with the Nets?

A. The Nets believe he will or they wouldn't be pursuing him...and if the Knicks and Nuggets can't agree to a deal by Thursday, he may have no choice if he wants that $65 million extension, and he does.

Q. How soon?

A. Who knows? The NBA normally frowns on big trades being announced during the All-Star Break.  David Stern doesn't want anything to detract from the Game and imagine the P.R. nightmare of 'Melo having to switch sides!