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Here We Go Again... Nets, Nuggets Renew Carmelo Anthony Talks

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Various writers are reporting that the Nets and Nuggets have renewed talks on a trade that would bring Carmelo Anthony to the Nets.

"One source described talks as 'progressing' and said they have been ongoing between Denver and New Jersey officials over a week," writes writes Adrian Wojnarowski. "While the precise package being discussed was unclear, sources said talks have centered on a scaled-down package that still includes rookie forward Derrick Favors and draft picks."

Al Iannazzone tweeted, "Not sure who initiated the conversations, but they have spoken recently".  Nothing to indicate if Anthony would sign a $65 million extension with New Jersey.

There is conflicting information on who initiated the talks, with Woj reporting it was the Nuggets, Chris Broussard iniitally reporting it was the Nets and Ken Berger and Fred Kerber calling the talks "exploratory".

Mikhail Prokhorov told a January 19 press conference that he had told his basketball operations team to "walk away" from talks and that his decision was "final".  Earlier Wednesday, Avery Johnson reported that the Nets were only pursuing a trade for Troy Murphy.