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Nets Only Looking to Trade Murphy; James Heads for Springfield Armor

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The Nets went out of their way Wednesday to allay rumors that they will make multiple moves before the deadline on February 24, saying they are limiting their focus to trading Troy Murphy.  Moreover, in public and private comments, Nets insiders express confidence they'll be able to deal Murphy and not buy him out.

As Stefan Bondy tweeted, "the message from Billy King is to not expect a trade other than what they get back for ONLY Murphy." Al Iannazzone wrote similarly, "Buying out Murphy is the last resort, but the Nets believe they will be able to trade him".

Meanwhile, it appears Damion James will next be seen in the D-League. James, recovering from a broken foot, will be inactive when the Nets play at Boston, Wednesday, and then play during the All-Star break for the Springfield Armor on on February. 22 and 24, before rejoining the Nets after the break, which ends the next day.