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Woj: No Takers for Murphy, Outlaw

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In a trade talk round-up, Adrian Wojnarowski says there are no takers for either Troy Murphy or Travis Outlaw and  the Nets will have to buy Murphy out. He adds fans can blame Avery Johnson for both situations.

Of Murphy, Woj writes: "Nets coach Avery Johnson made clear he didn’t want Murphy after the three-team trade that brought him from the Indiana Pacers. Trade talks have gone nowhere for Murphy, who has an expiring contract. Nets GM Billy King will ultimately work a buyout to free Murphy to sign elsewhere". He suggests the Hornets will push hard for Murphy.

He also notes the Nets have pushed to get rid of Outlaw and his $35 million contract, again without success. "New Jersey’s Travis Outlaw – another overpriced summer signee at five years and $35 million – has been offered in deals, but there are no takers. Nets fans can thank Johnson for pushing that deal onto the franchise’s payroll."

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone is reporting the Nets could make "multiple moves" and that Mikhail Prokhorov and Billy King will both be in Los Angeles this weekend for league meetings...and perhaps other meetings as well.