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King: Focusing on Moving Murphy

In his second interview posted Monday, Billy King said the Nets are "focusing mainly on moving Troy Murphy" in trade talks leading up to the deadline a week from Thursday. King says he thinks Murphy will be traded.  There's been some speculation the Nets might buy out the 6'11" PF if talks fail...which King has denied will happen.

"I feel bad for Troy that he's been in this situation," said King, "but I think something will come before the deadline and he will be productive wherever he goes."

In talking with Jessica Taff of YES, King didn't mention Carmelo Anthony but talked extensively about his last trade, the one that brought Sasha Vujacic to New Jersey.  He also said the Nets will wait till after the deadline to make a decision on 10-day contracts. He'll be scouting Arizona-Washington State Thursday, meaning Wildcat PF Derrick Williams.

Peter Vecsey writes 'Melo is likely to wind up in the New York area; the Post writer still leans towards New Jersey. Meanwhile, Frank Isola points out that Denver is still greedy, making a Knick deal unlikely at the moment.