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Power Rankings: Two Wins Move the Needle...Down

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The Nets won two out of three last week, including a nice win over the Hornets and a road win over the Bobcats but their loss at home to the Amare-less Knicks hurt them...or maybe it's just the anticipation of how they will do against the best teams in the West and East this week.

John Schuhmann and stats geek Jeff Sagarin keep them at #25, but Marc Stein drops them from #26 down to #28 and his colleague John Hollinger drops them to #27. Can't win for losing or is it can't win for winning? Beats us. Britt Robson of Sports Illustrated did move them up to #24.

The big critique by Schuhmann and Stein is that they can't put together a three-game winning streak. As Stein writes, "Saturday night marked the first time in NBA history that road teams went 8-for-8 in a single day. Yet I assure you no home team was more bummed than the Nets." We agree.