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King Talks Bench, Draft, Scouting, Prokhorov and Brooklyn

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In an interview with the Nets' Ben Couch, Billy King talks about the future, whether it's young players who make up the bench, the uses of the team's five first round picks over the next two years, scouting both here and overseas, and how Barclays Center will create a "buzz" when it opens in 2012.

King spoke about the championship pedigree of Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic and the energy of Kris Humphries and while he doesn't talk about trades, he mentions how draft picks can be used to acquire veterans or "move contracts".  Mostly, King talked about how the stockpile of picks has led to a big uptick in scouting, noting how he'd just returned from scouting top college players while chief scout Gregg Polinsky is just back from Europe.

Regarding Mikhail Prokhorov, King noted how the owner has provided the team with the resources it needs, specifically mentioning the hiring of Danko Cvjeticanan as international scout and the acquisition of technology needed to run both scouting and game preparation.