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Lee Combining Skills in Nets Job

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Courtesy: Milton Lee
Courtesy: Milton Lee

As Nets' Director of Basketball Operations, Milton Lee has been spending his time planning the Nets' locker room and developing a statistical data base...both with a bit of a difference.  It's a dream job for a lot of reasons, but one in particular: Lee is a lifelong Nets fan who even played some hoops at  what was then the Brendan Byrne a point guard for Tenafly High.

He's done a lot since: analyzing companies as a Wall Street stock trader and helping players develop as an off-season skills coach.  Now, as Al Iannazzone writes, Lee is combining his loves of stats, detail and hoops to develop a technology that would put the Nets at the forefront of statistical that uses a player's numbers to project his monetary value.

Lee puts it this way: "How do you value a player in productivity and what is that player justified to get as far as salary and length of salary? So you can have more intelligent decision-making on your contracts."