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For Farmar and Vujacic, a Cold Choice in New Jersey

The Wall Street Journal profiles Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic and their transition from the warmth of winning in L.A. to the cold of losing in N.J.  Both were part of the rotation with the Lakers, but didn't play big minutes.  Now, with the Nets, they are featured players, if not starters.

Farmar, the native Angeleno, seems more comfortable in New Jersey while Vujacic, who grew up in Slovenia, is as lonely as he's ever been.  Both enjoy the minutes though.  "Nobody produces in their warmup outfits," argues Farmar.

Vujacic's comments about missing L.A., calling it "my preferable way to live," does raise questions about how much he's interested in staying with the Nets.

But at the same time, both men say they enjoy playing for Avery Johnson and within the Nets' lighthearted, spirited locker room. The two have the best of both worlds, two rings and an opportunity to play. And as this video shows, Sasha has at least one new, enthusiastic, if small, fan in New Jersey.