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Nuggets Wooing Nets? 'Melo Tired?

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While the trade deadline is 12 days away, the All-Break begins later this week...and that's often where deals get done (but not announced so as not to interfere with the game).  The Knicks still seem to have the upper hand in the talks with the Nuggets, but Alan Hahn reports Denver wants the Nets back in the Carmelo Anthony picture.

Quoting a source "with intimate knowledge of the situation," Alan Hahn of Newsday writes, "the Nuggets are trying to re-engage the Nets in talks about that multi-pick deal that included Derrick Favors" and that 'Melo "could tell the Nets he'll take the extension and wait the two years to play in Brooklyn" because Anthony "has gotten so tired of the process."

But there is no indication the Nets are interested in jump-starting their talks with the Nuggets (and help push the Knicks to raise the stakes on their offer).  Moreover, Mikhail Prokhorov said earlier this week that "nothing has changed" about his nyet being "final."