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Nets Interested in Adam Morrison? Avery Talks About James, Favors

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Al Iannazzone writes that the Nets recently looked at Adam Morrison as a possible 10-day contract signing. 

In his Nets Notes following Friday night's game, Iannazzone reports that Avery Johnson said the Nets are looking at "big guys" if they decide to sign someone to a 10-day contract after the All-Star break.

Iannazzone then noted that the Nets had been interested in the former Laker, who's 6'9" but a small forward, and the similar sized Sasha Pavlovic before signing Orien Greene.  Pavlovic has signed successive 10-days with the Mavericks and Hornets. Morrison hasn't played since being cut by the Wizards in preseason. He teamed with Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic on the Lakers, winning two rings.

Johnson also spoke about the Nets two first round draft picks.  Damion James has been cleared for full practice Tuesday and there's a possibility he could play Wednesday vs. the Celtics in Boston.  As for Derrick Favors, Johnson was toning down expectations for a player he and other Net brass had suggested could be as good as Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh or even Kevin Garnett.

"Next year he’ll start and finish a little bit more," Johnson said of Favors who is the NBA's youngest player since Kevin Durant joined the Thunder in 2007. "Then the following year who knows, he may be a 32-minute player."