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Yormark: Nets Are Happy To Be Marketing Future, Not 'Melo

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Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

The numbers roll off Brett Yormark's tongue as if he was Billy King or Bobby Marks.

"We constantly say, we have five first-round draft picks between now and Brooklyn,: he says. "We’ve got cap flexibility. It’s good to have options and we have as many options as any team out there. That’s good as we get ready for Brooklyn.”

But in interviews with Stefan Bondy and Seth Everett, Yormark says that's just part of it. "We’re just marketing the fact that the team is well positioned. Well positioned to entertain a lot of different options, to entertain the collegiate draft, to entertain whatever might be out there that Billy (King) can entertain. I just think that what you have to be able to sell is hope and direction."

In a halftime interview with Everett, Yormark said the Nets are working on the final aspects of their business plan for globalizing the team and should have it done in the spring.  He also said everything the team is doing, and has been doing for quite a while, is "all about Brooklyn."