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Game 55 - Nets vs. Knicks - Saturday, February 12, 7:00

After Friday's results, the Nets have a better record than the Knicks over the last month (7-10 vs. 4-11) as well as since Mikhail Prokhorov ended the 'Melo Drama (7-6 vs. 4-8).  Not that you'd know that.  The media consensus about the Nets is that they're just bad while the consensus about the Knicks is that they've hit a rough stretch.

That said, the Nets have a lot to prove. Their chances of making the playoffs are close to nil while the Knicks remain solidly in the playoff hunt.  Also, the Nets were beaten soundly by the Knicks back in November. Amare Stoudemire scored 35 points and the Knicks broke open a close game right after New Jersey lost point guard Devin Harris to injury.  Brook Lopez, taking advantage of Timofey Mozgov's rawness, scored a season high 36.

The Knicks' problem has been, wait for it, lousy defense. In the past seven games, they've allowed an average of 109 points and permitted opponents to shoot better than 50%. Oh yeah, there's something else out there troubling the New Yorkers: The Curse of 'Melo. Been there, ended that.