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Game 54 - Nets @ Bobcats - Friday, February 11, 7:00

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The Bobcats' best player worked out with the team Thursday, but no worries, he won't be on the court Friday against the Nets.  Michael Jordan, approaching his 48th birthday, took part in practice and played well enough for Stephen Jackson to say "We should sign him." But MJ can't play for the Bobcats and own them. 

The game could use a little MJ magic.  Offensively, the Nets rank 29th in the NBA while the Bobcats rank one place higher. The 'Cats have played better under Paul Silas, but are just out of the playoff hunt right now.  They're 5-5 over their last 10.  The Nets will have to find a way to slow Gerald Wallace who in their two wins over the Nets this season has averaged 18.0 points and 14.8 boards.

The Nets are closing in on matching their longest road skid from last season, a 15-game slide Dec. 11, 2009-Feb. 9, 2010.  Avery Johnson had the team practice in Charlotte Thursday after arrival from New Jersey, hoping it will change their luck. Meanwhile, Johnson said the Nets want Sasha Vujacic back next season, and he'd be happy to return.  Orien Greene did not have his 10-day contract renewed. The Nets' roster stands at 14, including Troy Murphy and Damion James, who's been injured but may return before the All-Star Break.