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If Nuggets Call, What's Nets' Answer?

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Add a new player in the 'Melo mix: the NuggetsCarmelo Anthony says he'll think seriously about signing a $65 million extension with his current team if Denver doesn't trade him before the trade deadline two weeks from today.  But will an old player return to the 'Melo Drama? What do the Nets do when (if?) Denver comes calling?

But Fred Kerber and Al Iannazzone says that sources tell them the Nets would answer, would talk to Masai Ujiri and/or Josh Kroenke in spite of Mikhail Prokhorov saying his decision to withdraw from the talks was "final".  However, neither has Nets officials saying they'd take the call, just agents and other teams' executives.

Oh yeah, once the 'Melo Drama is done, expect the Paul Maul to begin.