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Times Looks at the Nets' --and Devin Harris'-- Invisibility Cloaks

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The Times on Tuesday focuses on what's not there for Barclays Center (a finished product) and Devin Harris (recognition).

Harvey Araton sort of agrees with Jason Kidd on whether the Nets will be "a destination for marquee players because none of them can envision the arena or its location" and adds a larger question, "how it will fit into the New York metropolitan area's professional sports lineup".

He even tests Travis Outlaw's New York geography. Learning that Barclays Center is only 15 minutes away from the Garden, the Mississippi native replies, with surprise, "That’s it? That ain’t bad at all. That’s crazy. I didn’t know that at all."

Rob Mahoney uses his column on Harris' lack of recognition to criticize Avery Johnson for not using his star player's best assets. "Not only does Johnson employ an offensive system that makes poor use of Harris’ speed, but he plays his starting point guard -– and one of his team’s top two players -– just 31 minutes a game."