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Nets Make It Official: Sign Orien Greene to 10-Day Contract

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The Nets announced Tuesday that Orien Greene, the 6'4" D-League point guard, has been signed to a 10-day contract. Greene arrived Monday night in Newark and signed his contract at the PNY Center.  He'll be available Wednesday night vs. the 76ers. The Nets are short-handed at PG with Jordan Farmar down.

"We needed to get another guard in here that we thought if we needed to play him in an emergency situation, he could help us,'' said Avery Johnson.

Greene told the Lafayette (LA) Daily Advertiser he received word Monday while walking through a Utah airport after flying in from a D-League game in Texas.  "That definitely woke me up and got my juices flowing a little bit.," said Greene. "This is a real blessing and a chance for me to get my foot back in the door."