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Rumors Surround Start Of Training Camp For Second Straight Year

The Nets have been through this before. Late Friday afternoon, they began training camp, again dealing with a circus of trade rumors. And again, they had no choice but to get started, preparing for a season that starts Dec. 26. Fourteen Nets were in the gym. Travis Outlaw can't partake in scrimmages or contact drills for 10 days.

"I guess it comes with the business," Brook Lopez said of the rumors afterword, "but what can you do?"

"It's just a rumor," Deron Williams added. "There’s nothing you can do about that. We can’t get caught up in all of that. I’m not paying much attention to it."

Outlaw said that he hopes to remain with the Nets. "I don't wanna be known as a player that got a check and all of a sudden disappeared out of the league."

Meanwhile, in Orlando, Dwight Howard didn't exactly assure Magic fans that he wants to stay.