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Broussard: Howard Deal "Very Close"

In an interview on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike Friday morning, Chris Broussard said a deal between the Nets and Magic that would bring Dwight Howard to the Nets is "very close to happening". ESPN later tweeted that Broussard believes the "Trade could take place today" when Howard is expected to tell the Magic he wants to be a Net.

Broussard who broke news of Howard's intentions, said the deal, as he understands it, would be Howard and Hedo Turkoglu for Brook Lopez and two first round draft choices, presumably the Nets two picks in 2012: their own' first round pick and the Rockets lottery-protected pick obtained in the Terrence Williams trade a year ago.

Whether other players from either side would be included remains unclear.

Other than a tweet by Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry Thursday night, there has been no other reports regarding Howard and the Nets. On the radio, Adrian Wojnarowski could neither confirm nor deny Broussard's scoop. But Wojnarowski said that everybody has been waiting on Howard to decide between the Lakers and Nets.