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Chandler to NYK For $55+ Million? Billups To Be Waived or Traded

It is growing increasingly likely that Tyson Chandler, the Nets top target in recent days, will be heading not to New Jersey or Brooklyn, but to the Knicks. In a series of fast moving developments Thursday, the Warriors first offered a contract reported at $60 million to the Mavericks' free agent center. Then, the Knicks entered the picture.

Ken Berger reported the biggest competition for Chandler is the Knicks, tweeting, "Multiple league executives say the Knicks are now in the lead to land Tyson Chandler, jumping in front of the Warriors". Initial reports had the Knicks waiving Chauncey Billups and moving Ronny Turiaf. Then, it became clear the Knicks wanted to send Billups to Dallas in a sign-and-trade, allowing them to give Chandler more money.

Chandler had become the Nets' top priority in recent days, supplanting Nene, who himself has been in discussions with his old team, the Nuggets. But the numbers being thrown around Chandler made them queasy. Still, they seemed to be as surprised as anyone at the Knicks' bold move. As for Nene, there are conflicting reports about whether he will sign with Denver or is still open to offers from the Nets as well as Rockets.

Meanwhile, reports Chris Mannix, New Jersey turned down an opportunity to get involved in a multiple team deal that would have sent Pau Gasol to the Nets and Chris Paul to the Lakers.