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Three Armor Players Getting Invites

JamesOn Curry, a 6'4" shooting guard; Jerry Smith, a 6'2" point guard; and Dennis Horner, a 6'9" stretch forward, are expected to get invitations to Nets training camp, reports The Steal Bottom, an Armor blog, and Ridiculous Upside, the D-League blog. The Armor blog adds that a fourth member of the Armor, Jeff Foote, could join them. He has also been pursued by the Trail Blazers.

Curry is the only one with NBA experience. He spent four days with the Clippers last season. He's averaging 18.3 points, five assists and five rebounds in Springfield. Smith, a Louisville teammate of Terrence Williams, is the team's top scorer at 20.7. Horner, who played for Holy Spirit in Atlantic City, then North Carolina State, is averaging 15 and 7.7 He's the youngest at 23.

Under league rules, the training camp roster cannot be revealed until 2 p.m. Friday, the same time free agency begins.