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B-Issues Nearly Done...Vote Starting

Players and owners have just about "closed the deal" on B-list issues as players prepare to begin electronic voting Wednesday, source tells Ken Berger. Resolution of those issues has been seen as the last impediment to free agent signings, which can begin officially Friday but in many cases are already the subject of handshake deals.

Among the issues Berger tweets have been settled is two changes to rules governing the D-League. Players in their third year can now be sent down and, like major league baseball, veterans can voluntarily go to the D-League for medical rehabilitation. Changes go into effect immediately. Also, there will be no changes in the minimum age for players entering the NBA Draft, at least for now, and players agreed to off-season drug tests, but only for steroids.

Players will begin electronic voting on the new CBA at 6 p.m. ET Wednesday and conclude at 4 p.m. Thursday. Owners will vote Thursday at the Board of Governors meeting.