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Travis Outlaw Had Wrist Surgery

Travis Outlaw will arrive in New Jersey on Monday night and one thing is for sure, he'll be arriving as damaged goods. Adrian Wojnarowski initially tweeted that he had a injured hand, perhaps a fracture. Marc Spears later added that Outlaw had minor wrist surgery eight weeks after a "boxing training injury" and will be OK for the season opener. Then, Wojnarowski reported that Outlaw was punching a heavy bag when he hurt himself.

Later still, Billy King released a statement that Outlaw broke his right hand and more would be known when he visits with doctors later this week. No mention of surgery or a wrist injury and no prognosis on whether he would be ready in three weeks.

No one knows what team that will be for, of course. The Nets will likely use the amnesty clause to waive Outlaw, but it's unclear what the league rules are regarding players who were injured during the lockout.