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At Lunch With Beat Writers, D-Will Says It All Again...and More

After taking questions from Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno at WFAN Studios, Deron Williams moved on a restaurant near his new house in SoHo and took more questions from the Nets beat writers...and said the same thing to them.

The big new headline? Asked if Dwight Howard would sign an extension if traded to Nets, WIlliams said, "I’m sure he would." He did not explain his certainty but he said he and Howard do talk. "He knows I want to play with him I don't think there's a player in NBA that doesn't want to. I'm sure he'd love to play with me as well."

Asked about the specificity of 90%, he told writers, it was more just a number that popped in his head. But he added that he certainly has "strong feeling" he'll re-sign. But if the Nets were able to get Dwight Howard? "That would be enough to convince me."

Of Barclays Center, Williams said, "It’s going to be big. I’ve been over to the site before I left. It’s going to be amazing."