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In an interview that could barely have been scripted any better by the Nets themselves, Deron Williams told WFAN that he intends to stay with the Nets and that chances of his staying are "like 90%".

"My plan is to stay. Hopefully we can get some good talent to where I can stay." WIlliams told Evan Roberts. Asked what the percentage is of him stay," he responded, "I'd probably say like 90 percent."

Williams also called the Nets organization "perfectly run from top to bottom," adding that he "loved" Billy King and Avery Johnson and has found Mikhail Prokhorov "very passionate" as an owner. "I love the organization."

Williams that he intends to recruit other top players, noting that he and Dwight Howard talk "quite a bit". “We’ve talked. I’m not going to get into what we talked about.” He did identify Howard as the one player he would most want to play with. “I’d say Dwight. He’s the most dominant big man.”

He also dashed any Knick hopes for him joining the New York franchise, calling it "very, very very unlikely." He also eliminated the possibility of him playing with Howard in Los Angeles, saying he didn't think that was possible under the CBA.

Williams left the WFAN studios for a lunch with the team's beat writers in SoHo, where he is now renting ...and is only a 10 minute subway ride from the Barclays Center. Of Brooklyn, D-Will said, "Once they move to Brooklyn, it’ll be a whole different breed. I’m looking forward to the move. We don’t have the storied franchise, but we can build one.”