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Howard Meeting Magic GM Monday?

Otis Smith, the Magic GM, has said he wants to hear from Dwight Howard himself, not his agent. Monday is the first day Smith could sit down with the All-NBA center to discuss his future, then if the news is bad, start to think about alternatives. Alex Kennedy tweeted the meeting in likely. Chris Sheridan agrees.

The meeting would be the first since Howard began giving hints this summer about said future, including an Esquire interview where he talked about "there's more you can do in a bigger place"; and a Russian TV interview where he failed to name any of his Magic teammates when asked which five NBA players he'd like to play with. He did name two Nets, Deron Williams and Anthony Morrow.

The Nets are reportedly ready to offer Brook Lopez, two first round picks and other pieces for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu, who has $35 million left on his contract (nearly $30 million guaranteed).