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Armor To Provide Camp Invitees

A Springfield Armor fan site reports that two of the team's players, JamesOn Curry and Jeff Foote, are likely to be called up to train with the Nets. Neil Donah of The Steal Bottom suggests that the Nets have already have been in touch with the Armor about the call-ups. The Nets normally have three or four non-roster players in camp.

Curry is a 6'4" shooting guard who spent four days with the Clippers last season. He's averaging 18.3 ppg, 5.3 rpg and 5.0 apg but shooting less than 40%. Foote, a 7-footer, is averaging 16.0 and 9.5. Bob MacKinnon, the Armor's coach, said Foote has NBA potential. Another possibility is Dennis Horner, a 6'9" stretch forward who's averaging 15.0 and 7.7. Horner is the youngest of the three at 23.

If the Nets don't call up Foote, the Trail Blazers may.