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Woj: "Nets Determined to Get Nene"

In interviews with WFAN and Yahoo! Sports Radio Saturday, Adrian Wojnarowski paints a picture of the Nets under pressure from Deron Williams and determined to get Nene. The alternative -- not getting a top flight player, losing D-Will and going into Brooklyn without a star-- would be "a dark, dark bleak possibility."

"The Nets will need to attract talent here. They've got to get guys. There's a lot of pressure on the Nets to surround [Williams] with players starting with Nene. That's why they are determined to get him," Woj told Yahoo! Radio, adding, "How far are they willing to bid on Nene. Are they going for the max on him, are they going to overpay a little bit?" He told WFAN Nene "impresses" D-Will who thinks he will "thrive" with the Nets.

As for the role Brooklyn plays, he said, "For them to lose Deron Williams in free agency and have nothing going into Brooklyn is a dark, dark bleak possibility for them they have to avoid, so that's why you're seeing them being very aggressive in free agency and they'll continue to be be aggressive to try to get a deal for Dwight Howard".

On Howard, Woj said he's "pretty focused on going West, and that's to the Lakers, but his mind is open to other places."