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Kirilenko Staying in Russia

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Any hopes the Nets had of reuniting Russia's favorite player with Russia's richest basketball fan ended Saturday when Andrei Kirilenko announced he was staying in Moscow for the entire season. AK-47 said that after considering various options, "I came to the conclusion that I should finish this season with CSKA."

The 30-year-old former NBA All-Star signed a three-year, $12 million contract with CSKA, his and Mikhail Prokhorov's former team, during the lockout. The contract had an "NBA out" which he had to exercise within a month of the end of the lockout. He had until January 8 to make his decision. Kirilenko and the Nets shared mutual interest but according to reports, the 6'9" forward wanted too much money, his last request reported at $26.5 million over three years.

Five of his former Jazz teammates play for the Nets. Under terms of his contract, he can return to the NBA in either of the next two years.