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"Rent-a-Dwight" Magic Trade Option?

The Magic remain convinced that they can convince Dwight Howard to remain in Orlando and have told teams who want him they'll wait till near the trade deadline to move him. They need time. Also, they don't want to see him in another team's uniform when the All-Star Game comes to Orlando in late February. It would ruin the "celebration."

But, writes Brian Schmitz, the Magic won't limit themselves to the Nets, Lakers and Mavericks when, if they must, seek offers for their all-World center. Is there a team out there willing to give up top-flight talent for a Dwight Howard Rental? The Magic hope so. Marc Stein has reported the Hawks are willing to send Joe Johnson and Josh Smith to Orlando in what looks like a sophisticated salary dump. The Magic would reportedly like Al Horford included.

Schmitz thinks it's all unlikely in the extreme. Instead, he is sticking to his belief that the most likely trade is Howard for Andrew Bynum, who he says the Magic will be monitoring starting Saturday when he returns from a suspension.