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Do Players That Dine Together Stay Together?

If you need anything else to add to the smoldering Dwight Howard rumors (aka the "Dwightmare"), try this: Howard and Deron Williams dined together Wednesday night in Orlando! Williams tried to play dumb about it, but Howard gave him up.

"I don’t even know who that is," Williams deadpanned. "Who is Dwight Howard?"

"Since he’s been in the league, every time he comes to town we go and eat dinner and just kick it," Howard said. "We’ve been friends since the Olympics. So we go out to eat, have a bite."

When one of the reporters asked Williams how does he likes New York, he responded he likes the area and the organization. Follow-up question: Would recommend the area to a certain 6’10" center? Williams responded unequivocally "Yes, I would!" Now they have to play the game.