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Only 2% Want President Prokhorov

He's reached the maximum amount of campaign finance, 400 million rubles ($12.4 million), come up with a campaign slogan, "If not me, who?", participated in an anti-Putin rally and put out his first campaign video. Now all Mikhail Prokhorov needs is support. He has a long way to go in that department.

The first presidential polls are out and Prokhorov is currently the favorite of two percent of the Russian electorate, well behind Vladimir Putin, who in spite of his recent troubles, is still at 52% and the Communist Party leader, Gennady Zyganov, at 12%. Ultra-nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, gets 11%. Might be better for the Nets owner to watch his team battle the Bobcats on March 4 than the results come in from Omsk and Tomsk.