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Howard Says Little About Nets, But Ewing Warns Him About Big City

In talking with reporters on Wednesday morning, Dwight Howard declined to say much about reports that he wants to play with Nets, saying that while he did watch a bit of the Nets-Hawks game Tuesday, he didn't hear the chants directed at him because, "I watched it on mute."

Howard also said that he didn't feel weird that he would be going up against the team he supposedly wants to play for. "It's a basketball game. We're not talking about the Nets now," he told the writers. “We’re talking about the Magic. That’s the team I play for. There’s no need to talk about any other team, who’s interested in who or not. So I’m not going to get into a discussion about that.”

Stan Van Gundy said nothing surprises him in NBA but admits tomorrow is unique -- his star has requested a trade to team they're playing! Van Gundy did say he intends to double-team Deron Williams. Meanwhile, Patrick Ewing, the Magic's big man coach (and former Knick) told Fred Kerber he's warned Howard about playing in New York. “I told him playing up there is a lot different from playing here. It's the amount of media scrutiny that is a lot different, for example.”