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Williams: "I expect things to get better"

In the wake of the Nets' 36-point loss to the Hawks on Tuesday, Deron Williams was at a party in SoHo, celebrating his new partnership with Red Bull, the company's first with an NBA player. And despite how he and his teammates played earlier, Williams was upbeat about the Nets' future.

"I am upset, but normally I’d be worse than I am right now," Williams said, noting that he's still trying to learn when to pick his spots and where he teammates like the ball. "I expect things to get better before they get worse."

Williams said that the Nets need more starting-quality players. "We have a lot of great role players, a lot of guys who know their job, but in this league you need some top-tier guys so you can get the job done."

He did note how he and his family are enjoying the city life, and he spoke as if he'll be a Net beyond this season. "We’re trying to really plant our feet in Brooklyn," Williams said regarding a recent community event in the borough, "and get things started for our transition over there."