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Game 2 - Nets vs. Hawks - Tuesday, December 27, 7:30

The Nets played with uncustomary mental and physical toughness Monday night in two comebacks against a young Wizard team. Now, in their last home opener in New Jersey, they'll be going up against a veteran club who's played together and proven itself in the playoffs. Also, it's the Hawks season opener.

Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford and Marvin Williams have to prove they're capable of moving beyond the second round of the playoffs—a place only the Hawks, Lakers and Celtics have been in each of the last three seasons—and into the championship realm.They will miss Jamal Crawford who they couldn't afford to re-sign and left for Portland and hope that Tracy McGrady and Jeff Teague can fill the void at sixth man.

For the Nets, expect that some of the players who looked out of it on Monday will get more acclimated Tuesday. Mehmet Okur, who's just in town; Shawne Williams, who is coming off the flu; and DeShawn Stevenson, a bit out of shape; played limited minutes but should see more against the Hawks. The games start at 7:30 p.m. No word on whether owner MIkhail Prokhorov will fly in for the festivities.