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Does Adidas Want D12 in Brooklyn?

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Adrian Wojnarowski can't imagine why the Chicago Bulls aren't on Dwight Howard's list of preferred teams, along with the Brooklyn Nets, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. The Bulls have the best set of young players, picks and expiring contracts, not to mention a winning tradition.

Now, after talking to a sneaker executive, he thinks he may have stumbled on the answer. Adidas, he's told, doesn't want their two biggest names in one city, on one team. Howard, he notes, "has an Adidas renewal on deck in the next year, and Los Angeles and Brooklyn guarantee him maximum money. The shoes aren’t the sole reason, but it’s a reality". If he goes someplace else, he may not get fair market value, Woj argues.

Who are the Nets' big Adidas guys? Why, that would be Brook Lopez and Jordan Farmar, both of whom were reportedly offered to the Magic, and MarShon Brooks, who name may yet surface in trade talk.