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Armor Just Keeps Clanging Along

The temperature in Bismarck, ND, Saturday morning was sunny and a balmy (for Bismarck) 31 degrees as the Armor begin a seven-hour bus ride across the Dakotas to Sioux Falls, SD, the next stop on their 4,600-mile, 16-day road trip. But the players were no doubt cheery. They're 7-4 after beating the Dakota Wizards Friday.

For a team that had won 20 and lost 80 in its first two years, that's a real turnaround. You have to credit the Nets organization in scouting and picking up good players, the most impressive being Dennis Horner, who'll be with the big club on Opening Night.

Even without him and three other NBA camp invites, the Armor keeps winning...and discovered a new star, Lance Hurdle, who scored 25 vs. the Wizards. Since the camp invites left, the 6'2" Hurdle is averaging 21.5 and shooting 46% from deep, including a blistering 8-for-10 from deep Friday.