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Last Minute Adds Bring Depth, "D"

Mehmet Okur practiced with the Jazz Thursday morning, visited sick children in the hospital with the team in the afternoon and then learned he was going to be reunited with Deron Williams in the evening. Friday, he packed and flew east. Saturday, he'll be on the practice court with his new (and three old) teammates in New Jersey.

"He's warming up to it. I'll try to make the transition as easy as possible," said Williams, adding that Okur, who he played against in Turkey, is in good shape. There'll be two other familiar faces at the PNY Center: Kris Humphries, who arrived four days before him, and Sundiata Gaines. Both played with Okur in Utah.

Two other late adds, DeShawn Stevenson and Shawne Williams, were also on the court Friday. Stevenson, who admitted not being in game shape, is expected to bring better defense. As for Shawne Williams, he's just trying to get beyond the flu and the changing roster. "Sometimes stuff continues to happen and it seems like the clouds don’t clear. But they’re clear now and we’ll go from there."