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This Is Who They Are, Time To Play

The Nets thought they might be able to get Dwight Howard before the season started. They had ideas of teaming Brook Lopez with Nene Hilario or Tyson Chandler. There were thoughts of Andrei Kirilenko shoring things up at the two forward positions.

But the Magic decided to stick with Howard for the time being, and Lopez went down before the season began. So here they are with Kris Humphries, Mehmet Okur, DeShawn Stevenson and Shawne Williams. The roster is set (for now) and it's time to play.

"It’s our team," Deron Williams said Friday. "Whether I’m comfortable or not, it’s our team."

Avery Johnson remains optimistic and won't make any excuses. But the Nets know that it won't be easy to stay relevant in the Eastern Conference while they wait for Lopez's return and/or Howard's arrival.