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Is Bynum More Attractive to Magic?

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In a blog entitled, "Let’s face it: Andrew Bynum is coming to town", Magic writer Brian Schmitz writes that Brook Lopez's injury is a severe blow to the Nets' hopes to acquire Dwight Howard. One of Lopez's advantages over Andrew Bynum has been his durability. Now that's in doubt, he says.

In a separate blog, his colleague Josh Robins says similar things, calling Lopez's stress fracture "a snag" in trade talks.

"You just never know about big men and their feet," writes Schmitz. "Zydrunas Ilgauskas was bothered for years. A foot injury sent Yao Ming into retirement. Can the Magic take the risk that Lopez will recover? Can they acquire him for Howard in what will be their most critical trade in franchise history?"

While admitting Bynum has his issues with his knees, Schmitz writes, "The Magic might have no choice but to trade Howard to the Lakers for Bynum, who has been fragile himself with knee problems. But Bynum has looked great this preseason — and healthy."