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Hollinger: Thumbs Up on Okur, Hump, Big Thumbs Down on Stevenson

John Hollinger has written his final free agency ratings for the off-season and his top three concern the Nets' three moves this week. He likes the trade for Mehmet Okur and the re-signing of Kris Humphries, but calls the signing of DeShawn Stevenson "wasteful" despite his good defense. He also laments the Nets decision not to sign Andrei Kirilenko.

"The Nets just lost Brook Lopez for several weeks, and even when he returns their backup is the miserable Johan Petro. New Jersey neatly wiped away both problems by adding Okur," Hollinger writes. On Humphries, he is similarly positive. "Humphries is a good value at this price, but it does come with an asterisk ... he also has the right to veto any trade."

But Hollinger does not like Stevenson for the Nets. "If healthy he's a solid wing defender, and I'm sure the Nets were lured by that, but for a rebuilding team this was a bizarre move"